DIY Thai.

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a Thai mom and Yai (grandma), so we created Yai's to deliver their recipes into your home kitchen. Made with fresh ingredients, Yai's brings bold Thai flavors right to your fingertips, so every meal can be exciting.

  • Yai's Thai Recipes - Pad Thai - Thai Shrimp Curry

    Cooking with Yai's Thai

    is as easy as chopping up some veggies, pouring in one of our curries and sauces, and scooping over rice! But if you're more the recipe type, or need some kitchen inspiration, check out some of our favorite recipes. We've done the hardest part for you, so don't take it too seriously - you can't mess this up!

  • Yai's family sharing a meal - Thai dinner

    Our Story

    Thai-American founder Leland and his partner Sarah created Yai's Thai to bring Thai flavors into American households with the twist of a cap. Inspired by his Yai (translation: grandma) and mom's sense of ease in the kitchen, we want to share the joy of connecting over a delicious meal with everyone!

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