recipe changes

Take a closer look at some of the updates we've made in Yai's kitchen


Yai's Thai Pad Thai & Green Curry Recipe Update

You may have noticed some differences in the ingredient lists. We made the tough decision to move away from our products being exclusively Whole30Approved and Vegan. We love that so many of our products can naturally fit into so many special diets, but ultimately, staying true to our family recipes always comes first.

Along with some of our newer products, we got back in the kitchen to re-work our Pad Thai Sauce and Green Curry. These had strayed a bit too far Yai’s recipe, and that didn’t sit right with us – some of the recipes really do need sugar, soy sauce, and/or fish sauce to achieve the right balance of flavors.

We didn’t take these changes lightly. Each ingredient in every single one of our sauces is selected deliberately and thoughtfully by us. Every curry, every sauce, has started in a small pot in our home kitchen, with Leland blending up fresh ingredients in our tiny, bright orange food processor.

We especially agonized over the decision to use fish sauce. I mean, it’s such a small quantity, surely we could go without?? Nope. Gotta have that funk! So we made sure to source the purest fish sauce out there, along with choosing gluten free soy sauce and coconut palm sugar.

It’s so important to us that Yai’s products are as healthy and accessible as possible.Our mission is to share Yai’s recipes and Thai flavors far and wide - to break down barriers, both culturally and in the kitchen.

How to Spot the Difference

 You may have noticed our products got a little wardrobe upgrade! The changes are relatively slight, so here’s some help spotting the differences.