AAPI Heritage Month

AAPI   |  AA - Asian American. PI - Pacific Islander.

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander (#AAPI) Heritage Month!

While this acronym lumps together a massively diverse group of people, it is important to shine a light on the many varied experiences of the AAPI communities across the nation. To celebrate these rich, unique cultures and heritages, and their ongoing contributions to the tapestry of American culture. 

Please join us in honoring our roots this month as we share stories from our Thai family history, and experiences spanning 3 generations 🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭

As a Thai-American brand, we can only speak to our experiences as a subset of the 'Asian American' umbrella, but want to emphasize that we greatly value the Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander communities as well. We encourage you to seek out and learn from a variety of cultures directly!

We'll be updating this page with resources and information throughout the month.

Resources + Info


This video from the PBS series A People's History of Asian America features perspectives from South Asian, Southeast Asian, and Pacific Islander voices to to explore the pros and cons of disaggregating "Asian American" as a statistical category.

Note: This video was published in 2021, prior to the inclusion of the Native Hawaiian people.
AAPI month has expanded to AANHPI month in 2022 to include Native Hawaiians, who are so often left out of the narrative. This month is referred to by many different acronyms - none of which are sufficient to represent the multitude of countries and cultures it attempts to group together - Asian Pacific Islander (APA) heritage month, or APAHM, is another that is commonly used, along with AA+NHPI.
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