Pumpkin Spice Thai Curry Soup

Yai's Thai Pumpkin Curry Soup

This soup couldn't be easier to make, and you can't go wrong with Thai spice AND pumpkin spice!

Time: 10 minutes
Serves: 3-4

✅  15 oz can Pumpkin (or equivalent fresh, puréed)
✅  13.5 oz can Coconut Cream
✅  1/2 jar Yai's Thai Yellow Thai Coconut Curry
✅  Yai's Thai Chili Garlic Hot Sauce - to taste
✅  Cilantro (optional)

☑️  Add pumpkin, coconut cream, and Yellow Curry to a pot
☑️  Bring to a simmer and heat until thoroughly mixed and warm
☑️  Add Chili Garlic Hot Sauce to taste
☑️  Optional: garnish with cilantro and extra dollop of hot sauce if desired

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