Thai Noodles with Yai's Thai Yellow Curry

nicole sharmaine's thai noodles with yais thai yellow curry

This recipe and associated photo is from Nicole Sharmaine - Check out her Instagram - @nicolesharmaine - for more recipes like this!

Need a simple one-pan weeknight dish? Who doesn’t!? Check out @nicolesharmaine's recipe for Thai noodles with Yai's Thai Yellow Curry. We love it when a rainbow of flavors come together in a perfectly balanced dish! 🙌

✅ 1 pack Lotus Foods' forbidden rice pad thai
✅ 1 jar Yai's Thai yellow curry
✅ 1 cup water
✅ 2 cups rainbow cauliflower
✅ 1 cup chicken
✅ 1 Serrano pepper
✅ Salt and pepper to taste
✅ Garnish: cilantro, green onion, sesame seeds, chilli flakes

☑️ Boil the pad Thai noodles in lightly salted water and set aside
☑️ Add some water to the pan and Steam the cauliflower until tender using the always pan basket. Drain and set aside
☑️ Drizzle the pan with a bit of olive oil and sauté your chicken until cooked.
☑️ To the chicken, add in the curry sauce, salt & pepper, Serrano pepper, water and let simmer for 2 mins.
☑️ Add in the noodles and cauliflower and stir until evenly coated in sauce
☑️ Let simmer for 3 minutes
☑️ Remove from the heat and garnish with sesame seeds, cilantro, chilli flakes and green onion
☑️ Enjoy!

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