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Soba Noodles with Crispy Tofu and Vegetables

Soba Noodles with Crispy Tofu and Vegetables

soba noodles with crispy tofu and veggiesyai's thai chili garlic hot sauceThis recipe and associated photo is from Paige at Root Nutrition - Check out her Instagram @rootnutritionco, for more clean recipes!

The great air fryer tofu experiment is complete and I’m currently devouring this noodle situation.

Variations of this recipe have been a staple in my dinner routine for years. If you’re a noodle lover and don’t cook with soba, you’re missing out. It’s one of the most nutrient-rich and flavorful varieties out there, made mostly from buckwheat. Add in veggies, tofu, and a sauce and you have a pretty tasty and healthy meal.

✅  10 oz tofu
✅  2 tsp sesame oil
✅  10 oz soba noodles (cooked and rinsed in cold water per package instructions)
✅  4-6 cups sugar snap peas
✅  2-3 carrots, sliced or shredded
✅  3 green onions, sliced (separate green and white parts)

Sauce ingredients:
✅  1/4 cup soy sauce or tamari
✅  2 tbsp rice wine vinegar
✅  1 tsp sesame oil
✅  1 clove garlic, diced
✅  1-2 tsp Yai's Thai Chili Garlic Hot Sauce

Tofu Instructions (Air Fryer):
☑️  Preheat to 375 degres
☑️  Toss tofu with 2 tsp sesame oil
☑️  Spray fryer basket and cook for roughly 13-15 minutes (or until desired level of crispness)

Tofu Instructions (Oven):
☑️  Preheat to 400 degrees
☑️  Toss tofu with 1-2 tsp sesame or olive oil
☑️  Bake at 400 for roughly 20 minutes (or until desire level of crispness)

☑️  Sauté chopped green onions (tops), carrots and sugar snap peas for a few minutes until they start to brown
☑️  Add cooked tofu and soba noodles
☑️  Mix sauce ingredients and pour over noodles and vegetables and heat until warmed through
☑️  Served with diced scallions, sesame seeds and extra soy or chili sauce.

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