Yai's Thai Chili Dark Chocolate Bark

Chili Chocolate Bark

chili chocolate bark
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This decadent treat with a spicy kick is everything you never knew you needed.

Serves: 2
Time Cook: 15 minutes

✅  10 large raw shrimp, peeled and de-veined
✅  1/2 Tbsp Yai's Thai Chili Garlic Hot Sauce
✅  1/2 Tbsp sesame oil
✅  1 avocado, mashed
✅  Radicchio leaves OR butter lettuce leaves
✅  1/2 ripe mango, cubed
✅  Pinch of salt
✅  Salsa
✅  Watermelon radish, thinly sliced (optional)
✅  Cilantro for garnish (optional)
✅  Lime wedges for serving (optional)

☑️  In a small bowl, combine the raw shrimp, Chili Garlic Hot Sauce, sesame oil, and a pinch of salt. Set aside to marinate.
☑️  Separate the leaves of the radicchio to be used as wraps. If you don't like the sharp taste of radicchio, use butter lettuce leaves.
☑️  Combine avocado with Chili Garlic Hot Sauce. Set aside.
☑️  In a skillet on medium-high heat, cook marinated shrimp until opaque and pink in color - about 2 minutes per side. Do Not Overcook!
☑️  Top with avocado, diced mango, radish, and cilantro. Add a squeeze of lime and serve with a side of Thai Salsa.

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